Vegas, Pittsburgh and Ottawa have carried out a large-scale deal within the framework of Derik Brassar’s trade.

Yesterday it became known that the Penguins intensified by the central striker Derik Brassar, who was traded from Ottawa in exchange for the first round draft pick 2018, goalkeeper Philip Gustavsson and defender Ian Cole.

Pittsburgh and Ottawa

Now it became known that the deal is a three-way deal, and Vegas is another participant.

The Golden Knights in this exchange received from Pittsburgh power forward Ryan Reeves, who spent the first season in the new team. The player in 58 games for the Penguins scored 8 (4 + 4) points and 84 minutes penalty.

In addition to the striker Vegas received the fourth round draft pick-2018.

In return, the club gave Pittsburgh a 22-year-old striker Tobias Lindbergh, and also took 40% of Brassard’s salary.